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           It's a viral scan for your life. And a Body Intelligent leads the way!

Have you ever asked yourself, maybe while you’re alone in a quiet time—“what’s happened to my life?”

Or, have you ever said, “There has got to be a better way.”

If you have then you have come to the right place!

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Michelle Phillips.

As I’ve noted above: The Body Knows!

Let me ask you a question—

Would you get into a vehicle, either by yourself or with another person, and start driving around a busy city if all of the indicators on the dashboard were covered over or muted?

So, you wouldn’t know what level the gas tank was sitting at, you wouldn’t be able to see the speedometer. Also if any warning or caution lights came on you wouldn’t be able to see or hear those either!

By the way this is a one-time purchase—your “stuck” with this vehicle—no selling or trading it in!

The only way to tell any kind of speed, for example, is by the other vehicles on the road. They are your reference. There are signs on the road (the laws) but without your indicators you will have a hard time obeying them.

Oh, I need to mention—those other people, they can’t see their dashboard either!

If the vehicle suddenly just stopped you have no way of knowing why. It could be something easily dealt with—like filling the tank with gas but without being able to see those indicators or hear the beeps, you’re stuck!  
Would you feel comfortable driving this vehicle or being a passenger? 

I would hazard a guess and say no!

Here’s the thing, you and I both know that in a vehicle there should be indicators (a dashboard) that you can check so that you know how your vehicle is operating, so that you can obey speed and safe driving laws and how to know when the vehicle requires service or attention. Most especially before any real damage is done to an important component, like the engine.

Well, here’s the kicker! Our body is like our vehicle. 

There is a control system (our brain/mind, central nervous system) that gives and receives information, and we also have “laws” to “drive by”.

The problem is that most people are unaware that they even have a dashboard let alone know to look for or see the blinking lights and hear the beeping sounds! And you need to know what the lights and beeps mean or stand for!

Also if some people can see and hear the lights and beeps they don’t pay attention usually due to not knowing what to do about them. They just continue on until the vehicle doesn’t move anymore or something else catastrophic and then it’s a costly repair.

The point I’m making in all of this is the Body Knows! 

And we can tune in and check to see what indicators are flashing, what needs attention before it gets stuck.


Being able to use the muscles of the body as a way to check or indicate the stress in the Brain/Mind is a very important way to start. 

This is how you understand that you have a dashboard!

 Now you can take off the cover or blinders so you can get enough light to see and hear and know what indicators are present. By finding out which indicators are on and which ones are off you can determine what has been happening in your life.

Then, once you can use the muscles to check and give you clear and correct biofeedback information then you are on your way to begin making the corrections that get you in control of your own vehicle by empowering the Brain/Mind.

 This enables you to ensure things run smoothly as you get on course for your own unique life…and De-Stress!

“The Gems of Excellence Program includes many other wonderful stress reduction techniques as well as corrections to your memory fields that will allow you to be all you choose to be in obedience to your own agreements. A body out of obedience with its own Soul is a body or life with symptoms. I call these symptoms ‘creative tensions’ which means the Soul is attempting to get your attention and it is not being heeded. This creates stress.”—Dorothy Wood Espiau.

You may think you know & you may be surprised!

Let’s investigate!

I am a Registered Nurse. I have been nursing since 1995. The majority of my background is emergency and triage assessment. I am a member in good standing with my professional association--the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.

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