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Integration Session

The body has an electromagnetic field. In the field are "spin points."

What we do in a session is make an adjustment to the spin points; or integrate a goal you set.

When you set a goal some of the points will open or spin counterclockwise. There is an imbalance or disharmony between what your goal is and what is happening in your life.

So, we find the particular "spin points" — via muscle testing — and adjust them with a circular motion so they are in balance and harmony with your goal. The spin point is now spinning clockwise and closed.

Integration Session—$125 per session 

A session usually will take about 1.5-2 hours.

This is a basic drop in session: We start where you are right now and get you going to the next step by applying the Gems of Excellence and Geotran materials. The session(s) helps you to use the material that you have learned and/or apply other works from the "library"!

Note: you don't have to have taken a class to get benefit from a session, we start with the basics and work from there.

“The Gems of Excellence Program includes many other wonderful

stress reduction techniques as well as corrections to your memory fields that will allow you to be all you choose to be in obedience to your own agreements. A body out of obedience with its own Soul is a body or life with symptoms. I call these symptoms ‘creative tensions’ which means the Soul is attempting to get your attention and it is not being heeded. This creates stress.”—Dorothy Wood Espiau.

Contact me & let's get your field adjusted

or integrated for the goal!

Call/text: 780-720-4248

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