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"I feel like myself again" attendee at a Health and Wellness fair after doing the Mind Gems

"...A few words about how you helped me get through a distressing time at work one day...I reacted adversely to a caller who suddenly got impatient and decided to attack me with her venomous foul language. Because the caller made it feel like a personal attack, I felt deeply injured and I could not self-regulate to diffuse it. The effects were persistent and growing. I felt my body couldn't contain the emotions and I felt a rise in anxiety. Recognizing that I was losing my self-composure, I took my break, leaving a note for the team leader, and I entered our quiet room for some privacy. Not knowing who the team leader actually was that day, Michelle happened to be the one who got my note...she found me in the quiet room after about 15 minutes of being along. Sensing my level of distress, she asked if she could try something on me. By this time, the floodgates of emotion and tears were fully open so I was grateful for any help. A faded memory flashed-her poster at a symposium on Nursing Innovation a few years ago, along with the words, "bio-electric Field. Michelle quickly began...I think it took about 30 minutes before I completely stopped crying and felt truly relieved....I felt validated by her compassion and I felt accepted in my vulnerable state. I would have gone home in distress if Michelle did not help me that day. Instead I regained enough composure to complete the rest of my workday productively! To this day, I continue to benefit from the effects of Michelle's work. I was able to get through the Holidays peacefully and happily...I am grateful for Michelle, who was not only there for me in my hour of need, but also knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide Energetic support to me. I have experienced important breakthroughs since then, almost as if energetic blockages were relieved. Most of all, I am feeling more like my wise and balanced self!"-Mia F., RN, BScN

"I attended a workshop with Michelle that taught me about the Gems of Excellence and how to use them in my life. During the workshop, many doubts and blocking energies that I had were cleared. It really helped me gain clarity with what I wanted to do with my life moving forward. Since then I have applied and have been accepted to school in Vancouver starting in the New Year. Big changes for me! The workshop pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me moving in the direction I was internally seeking. I hope to have one on one sessions with Michelle in the future. Thanks so much!"-Meghan

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